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David Elner, Jack Grossman

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0.1 (Alpha) (January 25th, 2013)


In Development


Ruby on Rails, Angular.js, MySQL, AWS


The name says it all: a website for complaining. Post your complaints, and see what everyone else is groaning about in real-time. It's kind of like Twitter, Reddit, and FML fused into one big pessimistic mess.


  • Blow off some steam

    Post short Twitter-like rants, anonymously or otherwise.

  • See what's trending

    View complaints by date, category, and popularity. See what's up and coming.

  • Share your woes

    Discuss just how awful your day is with a community of pessimistic users like you!

  • Infographics and statistics

    See breakdowns of your own complaints over time, as well as community statistics.


This project idea was conceived out of my thirst for a new business challenge to tackle. Like most entrepreneurs, I started looking for a problem to solve, and so I began to brainstorm. I listed out things I liked, was good at, and so on, to try to give myself some subject to dredge up a problem from. No dice.

I needed some grievances to address. I thought about asking my friends and family about 'problems in their lives', until I realized how awkward that conversation would be. Then it had me thinking... it'd be great if people came to me with their grievances. A few minutes of DNS shopping later, ComplainTo.Us was born.

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February 20th, 2013