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David Elner, Taylor Johnson

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0.1 (Beta) (April 20th, 2014)


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Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, AWS


A classified ads site for those in need of an apartment to share or sublet. Our compatibility engine finds the best matches based on both your needs and personality.


  • Find personalized matches

    You decide what's important, and we'll fine tune your matches down to the finest detail for your perfect fit.

  • Get all your needs in one place

    Want to sublet out your apartment, and find a new place to share? Maybe you just need to fill a room? You can take care of all of your shared-apartment needs in one place.

  • Confidentiality and quality allows you to conduct your search more safely by masking your personally identifiable details and screening out low-quality ads.

  • Connect with people you can trust

    You don't have to room with a stranger. Leverage your social network to find mutual friends you can trust.


Finding an apartment to share in New York City can be an awful process; something that I had the chance to experience first-hand. Dredging through incomplete and bogus ads on Craigslist was only half the battle. Interviewing potential roommates and searching for apartments together became a job in itself, one so laborious, I nearly found myself out on the street after coming down to the wire of an expiring lease.

This is something I see as a truly troublesome process, without any real solution in place. And with that acknowledgement came my recognition of an opportunity to create a better system for finding housing. This project represents more than just a venture into the dry industry of real-estate. Rather it's a real chance to address a palpable problem that plagues the common, low income resident (especially young adults.)

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April 20th, 2014