Xs and Os

Project Type

Mobile game




David Elner, Dan Haddad

Latest Version

0.1 (Alpha) (September 20th, 2012)


In Development


Java, Android, OpenGL


Step onto the football field and take on the role of offensive and defensive coordinator in this mobile football play-calling game. Choose your scheme, coordinate your players, and make the big decisions to lead your team to victory.


  • Make the calls

    You're the offensive & defensive coordinator: choose the plays and outwit your opponent.

  • Learn the playbook

    Compose your attacks and defensive strategies from a huge library of different plays.

  • Take home the title

    Play against the AI in the singleplayer seasonal play mode, and defeat a multitude of play schemes to come out on top.

  • Challenge your friends

    Sick of hearing your buddies claim they can run a better defense with their eyes closed? Make them put their money where their mouth is in multiplayer mode.


Back in college, my friend Dan, who is a big sports fan, roped me into developing a football game for one of our game design classes. (At the time, I didn't watch much football, but now I've since become a huge Michigan Wolverines fan. Go Blue!) So we spent a couple of weekends hacking together the original version of the game engine using C++/DirectX and old Nintendo art. When all was said and done, we found it well received at the class game expo, and shelved the game afterwards.

Fast-forward a couple of years later, Dan and I were reminiscing about our game design courses, and decided to dust off our old football game design project. The more we talked about it, the clearer it became that we should reboot and update our beloved game. And so we setup a Mercurial repository, started up Eclipse, and began work on developing Xs and Os for Android. The rest, as they say, is history.

Source Code

Last updated

February 20th, 2013